The Best Way to Discover Curacao

Curaçao is a very tourist-friendly island and getting from one side of the island to the other is quite easy. There are different ways to explore and see the best spots the island has to offer. Here, we have listed some of the best traveling options for your next trip.

By Foot
Scuba Lodge is located right at the heart of all the action in the Pietermaai district. A great way to take in the beautiful city and its history is to take a walking tour. Most restaurants, trendy spots, and tourist attractions are a mere 10 to 15-minute walk away. By going around on foot, it is easier not to miss out on the hidden gems and interesting details along the side streets and walkways of the island.

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By Car
Renting a car is easily the most convenient mode of transportation if you're planning to explore further destinations around the island such as the Westpunt area and some secluded beaches. Rental prices are very affordable and range from $30 to $80 a day depending on which type of car you choose.

Rules and requirements for renting a vehicle vary depending on the rental agency. Big, well-known franchize agencies usually require a license as well as a deposit by credit card. Local, smaller rental agencies may just require a valid driver’s license for you to be able to procure a car during your stay.

Public Transportation
Budget travelers and backpackers might find it most cost-efficient to take the bus to get around Curaçao. Riding the bus is also a good way to see the island while getting a feel of everyday local life. However, taking the bus isn't advisable for travelers who are on a tight schedule. Curaçao has a limited public transportation system and the buses aren't accustomed to following a regular schedule.

Other Options
For those looking to explore and discover more of Curaçao in an unconventional way, Dive Center Pietermaai offers a Westpunt trip every Thursday wherein guests get to see the island and visit two different beaches where they can dive and snorkel with sea turtles. This is a great way to see Curaçao without the stress of planning transportation and activities.

Curaçao is a relatively small island but is jam-packed with sights to see and things to be experienced. Whether you choose to see the island on foot or by car, the island will have something special waiting for you around every corner.