Best price guarantee

including airport transfers

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Best price guarantee

including airport transfers

additional discounts for direct bookers

We'd like to introduce ourselves:


The radiant centerpiece of our organization! Dalies joined us in 2015 and has since formed many friendships with guests and colleagues. Dalies is always bustling, always with a smile, and goes above and beyond for her guests (and her family and her island, but that's a story for another time)!


Ring... ring... ring! "Hello, you have reached Scuba Lodge. This is Shenard, how may I help you?" Shenard is part of our front desk team, which means he can help you before, during, and after your stay with us. Whether you want to make a hotel reservation, would like an extra pillow in your room, or need to make any tour reservations, Shenard is here to assist.


Meet Eveline, the queen of clean rooms and perfectly made beds! She works her magic, transforming our hotel rooms and apartments into true gems. And did you know she's a master at towel origami too? If you're lucky, you might encounter an astonishing artwork awaiting you after a day of beach-hopping. Prepare to be amazed!


Allow us to introduce Rougenka, a cheerful and vibrant personality with a passion for guest experiences. She greets our new guests with a radiant smile and ensures that their stay at Scuba Lodge is worry-free. Get ready for some unforgettable hospitality!


José is our latest addition! She is currently living in Curaçao and doing an internship at Scuba Lodge. She assists our team wherever needed, but you will mostly find her at the reception, where she welcomes and assists our guests. When José is not at Scuba Lodge, she is busy exploring the island.


When you think of Scuba Lodge, Jimmy is the guy who instantly pops up. We can't get enough of his cheerful vibes and those ridiculously funny, yet totally incomprehensible jokes that crack him up. And hey, if you ask him nicely, he might even jam a little something on his bass guitar. Jimmy's all about the "Winning Team" motto, and with him around, we're totally rocking it!


Alex is our very own handyman extraordinaire. He is tirelessly engaged in taking care of every nook and cranny, both within the rooms and throughout the entire hotel. Maintaining majestic seaside buildings entails a significant amount of work, but Alex fearlessly embraces the challenge. When we break it, Alex fixes it!


Daan, the manager of Dive Center Pietermaai, has been making waves for years. He's the go-to guy for introducing numerous hotel guests to the enchanting underwater realm of Curaçao. And guess what? Our regulars just can't stay away from a thrilling dive adventure with Daan!


We may not hear or see Choma often, but he loves to wander around in his beloved garden. He whispers softly to the lush greenery and tropical flowers, ensuring they can thrive and blossom to their fullest. When you indulge in the beauty of our hotel garden, you have Choma to thank for it!


A Piña Colada? Moscow Mule? Mai Tai? Keldin barely lifts a finger to make them for you. Well, actually... he does, but he does it so quickly that you'll barely notice. Shake, shake, shake, and before you know it, a delicious cocktail appears right in front of you. Keldin is the bartender who makes everyone smile with his infectious laughter and funny anecdotes.


Who's behind those awesome photos with catchy captions that keep popping up everywhere? That's our very own Lisette! Not only is she a passionate animal lover, but she's also been dedicated to helping stray animals through CARF for years. She'll gladly fill you in on how you can make a difference too!


Back in 2015, Christina joined our team, and ever since, Scuba Lodge has held a special place in her heart. Christina primarily takes care of many things behind the scenes, but keen-eyed guests may spot her early in the morning or during evening hours, meticulously overseeing every aspect of the hotel.

Coco †

♥ 2012 - 2018  †

Forever in our hearts and always an integral part of our team.