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Our Dive Shop

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Don't have your own diving equipment (with you) but you would like to dive? No problem. You can also rent diving and snorkeling gear here.

Our equipment is in top conditions, regularly inspected and routinely replaced when worn out.

We can also assist you if you're looking to buy a mask or snorkel. Confused? Need some advice? Don't worry. We are here to assist you in choosing the right dive equipment, for your needs and budget.

Questions, suggestions, or reservations? Contact us!

 rate per personUSD
Maskper day6.00
Finsper day6.00
Bootsper day6.00
Weightsper day6.00
DIN Adapterper day6.00
Computerper dive7.00
Snorkelsetper day10.00
Tank Airper dive10.00
Wetsuitper day10.00
Lightper day11.00
BCDper day15.00
Regulatorper day15.00
Tank Nitroxper dive16.00
Full setper day40.00

All prices are in US$ and incl. tax.

Scuba Lodge Dive Center merchandise

Take Scuba Lodge with you wherever you go! We sell T-shirts and key-chains with our logo. You can find these in our dive shop, and at the front desk of our hotel.