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Taking Care of our Underwater World

We owe everything to our oceans; the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink. It's no secret that climate change is happening and that our earth is in danger. Everyday, plastic pollution, and hazardous waste are dumped into our oceans hurting thousands of animals and diminishing our natural resources.

Our oceans make up over 90% of the habitable space on earth and researchers believe that 50-80% of all life is found underwater. Protecting the ocean means protecting all of Earth's ecosystems. Beaches, lakes, rainforests, and swamps all rely on the ocean's health. If the oceans aren't protected, everything else will suffer too.

World Cleanup Day
People all over the world have been making various efforts to help save our seas. Every year on September 15th, 150 countries all over the world with millions of volunteers come together for World Cleanup Day. Born over 10 years ago in Estonia, this civic movement is the biggest of its kind, uniting people from all corners of the world to help save our planet.

Curaçao joined the World Cleanup Day -initiative by forming a local team of volunteers and partner organizations with one common goal “A Cleaner Curaçao”.

Curaçao's efforts to save the planet go on year-round. Scuba Lodge Boutique Hotel & Ocean Suites started a monthly beach cleanup in 2017 and has been consistent in protecting the Caribbean reefs and keeping it clear of debris.

Curaçao’s Contribution
Curaçao is also active in supporting the development of Lionfish as a valuable resource to the island. Lionfish are an invasive species that cause harm and damage to the environment, the people of Curaçao have been exploring possibilities on how to utilize this fish by turning it into part of their cuisine.

The large volumes of these fish consume other species of fish so rapidly that this affects the entire underwater ecosystem. It is legal to hunt these "Super Predators"  under some strict requirements and restrictions. Scuba Lodge Curaçao organizes Lionfish hunting dives for guests.

Whether you live on the coast or far from it, whether you eat seafood or not, you and the future of all those you love depends on healthy oceans. The ocean regulates temperature, generates half the oxygen we breathe, absorbs carbon dioxide (which reduces the effects of climate change), influences the weather, and essentially supports all living organisms on Earth. It’s often the means by which our food and shelter are transported from one place to another. Curaçao\'s admirable efforts can be applied to the way we adapt to a more eco-conscious life.

Would you like to join us during one of monthly clean-up dives? Every first Sunday of the month, the team of Scuba Lodge Dive Center Pietermaai host a clean-up dive at our house reef. Send an email to to sign up or for more info.