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Best price guarantee

including airport transfers

additional discounts for direct bookers

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Curaçao

De Heeren @ Sea

Scuba Lodge, Kaya Papa Wilson Godett 104, (+5999) 465-2575

Our own oceanfront restaurant, De Heeren @ Sea, has several menu options that are either vegetarian or can be easily modified to suit vegetarian or vegan preferences. To make it easier for you to identify these dishes, we have designated them with a small plant icon on our menu. 

For a delightful breakfast experience, we highly recommend trying our chia bowl choco almond. This healthy breakfast dish features a blend of hazelnuts, cacao, and mint, providing a refreshing and indulgent start to your day. It is a vegan-friendly choice that perfectly aligns with plant-based lifestyles.

TeMari Sushi

Pietermaai Parking & Mall #4, (+5999) 843-6132

Don't let the name fool you, TeMari Sushi offers a lot more than just seafood dishes. The restaurant combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, and they offer a range of vegan rolls as part of their menu. Plus, located at Pietermaai Parking & Mall, TeMari Sushi is just a brief walk from Scuba Lodge.

Number Ten

Santa Rosaweg 10,, (+5999) 522-8069

Number Ten is a cute restaurant with fresh foods, interesting art, and a cozy vibe. You can enjoy coffee specialties, refreshing drinks, and (vegan) dishes in the tranquil garden. Number Ten is open from Mondays to Fridays between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM. You don't come here for dinner but it's a great option for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. The restaurant is located at Santa Rosaweg 10.


Saliña Aboustraat z/n, Saliña Galleries, (+5999) 465-8821

Restaurant Fusions has a special 'meatless' menu with vegan dishes that include a mock stir fry salad, Chana roti pocket, nasi Manchurian, and vegetable bami. In addition to their vegan dishes, they offer vegetarian options such as their tofu Malaka noodles, buffalo cauliflower wrap, and mock Malaysian curry. Fusions is located at the Aboustraat in Saliña Galleries. 

The Greenhouse Bar & Restaurant

Sea Aquarium Boulevard z/n, (+5999) 461-9009

The Greenhouse Bar & Restaurant offers something for everyone which can be ideal when you're looking for a place to eat with vegans and non-vegans alike. Their menu consists of seafood, grilled foods, Mediterranean, and other dishes. The Greenhouse is located at Sea Aquarium Boulevard, a 5-10 minutes drive from Scuba Lodge.


The following supermarkets carry a range of vegetarian and vegan products.

  • Carrefour Market, Sambil Shopping Mall
  • Esperamos Supermarket, Jan Noorduynweg 60
  • Esperamos Supermarket, Caracasbaaiweg 280
  • Van den Tweel Supermarket, Kaya Jacob Posner 28
  • Van den Tweel Supermarket, Kaya Damasco, Jan Thiel
  • Vreugdenhil, Caracasbaaiweg/Schupappelweg

Natural Organic Health Food Stores

The following health food stores carry a range of vegetarian and vegan products.

  • Harmonia Tienda di Salú, Prof. Kernkampweg z/n
  • Natural & Organic Health Food Store, Schottegatweg Oost 177E
  • Nut House Curaçao, SBN van Staverenweg 2