Wreck Dive Specialty

Wrecks have always had and still have a mysterious appeal. In this course, we teach you the skills and techniques to safely and responsibly discover and explore the mysteries of these steal giants

You will learn new swimming techniques, laying out lines and swim through small spaces without direct access to the surface. This wonderful course is best suited for the more experienced diver. The Advanced Open Water certificate is the minimum requirement for this course (either from PADI or a similar certification issued by a recognized organization).

Wreck diving – $399

Night Dive Specialty

Diving is a wonderful sport for any time of the day, even at night! It may sound a bit scary, but all you need is a torch and a dose of curiosity and we ensure you a wonderful, new experience! Taking a night dive is almost a must for anyone who is already in possession of a dive certificate and is curious to discover the underwater nightlife. Crabs, lobsters, octopuses, and all kinds of shiny sea life come out at night… who wouldn’t want to see that?

Night dive – $349

Deep Dive Specialty

Have you always been curious to look beyond the blue reef and discover what is deep down there? Now you can! However, only with the proper guidance and training. Four dives and a new range of information and exercises enable you to explore the depths of the ocean.

With a maximum depth of 40 meter you will have reached the bottom of recreational diving! The Advanced Open Water certificate is the minimum requirement to start this course (either from PADI or a similar certification issued by a recognized organization).

Deep dive – $399

Navigation Specialty

Do you often get lost? Not anymore, at least, not under water. Much of the information needed to find your way back is already present in mother nature, although it may be a bit hidden. In this course, we give you the tricks and proper knowledge to read the hidden clues so you will always be able to find your way underwater. Know how to read a compass, estimate time, depth, distance, and air consumption, spot natural references, in combination with some common sense is all you need to activate the human navigation system.

Navigation Specialty –   $349

Buoyancy Specialty

Feel like a fish in the water! This useful course teaches you how to perfectly control your buoyancy and balance underwater. You will be able to float like a fish without any effort and get the most out of your dive experience. Less effort means less air consumption, more bottom time, more control, and much more fun! Being able to control your buoyancy also comes in handy when taking beautiful pictures during the Digital Underwater Photography specialty.

Buoyancy – $249

Nitrox Specialty

Go deep and stay down longer! With the proper planning and handling, the advantages of Nitrox are huge! Less nitrogen and more oxygen give you more bottom time and a shorter surface interval. However, the extra oxygen has its dangers. By means of other tables, calculations, and measurements, we teach you how to get more out of your diving with the proper gas mixture in your tank!

Nitrox – $199

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Lion Fish Hunt Specialty

Unleash your primal instincts as a hunter during this educational, exciting, and super fun specialty! Learn to search, find, and shoot underwater in your hunt for lionfish and help us preserve our reef.

This invasive species does not belong here among the coral reefs of Curaçao and has few natural enemies, which makes that this fish, however beautiful it may be, to cause a lot of damage. It is our duty and pleasure to act responsibly and repair the delicate balance of good and evil on this planet.

After we teach you how to catch the lionfish, we will also teach you how to clean, fillet, and grill it!

Lion Fish Hunt – $85


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The ultimate experience for young and old! Unimaginable colors during a magical adventure in which a new world seems to unfold right before your eyes!

Diving at night is an exciting experience where you can see all sorts of other underwater nightlife. The direct light of your torch highlights the colors at night, but with UV illumination your dive because a spectacle of incomparable proportions.

UV Night dive – $85